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System Configurator Tutorial


This is a sample tutorial on how to use the System Configurator to search for products on the AddOn site. As search results are populated, the configurator gives you options to filter your results based on additional criteria that apply to that part. This current tutorial uses a Transceiver search to outline the process. For each product category (Transceivers, Cabling, Memory, Accessories) there are different filtering options based on those products. This is only used as an example for how the search and filtering processes effect the search results. This process applies to all categories and will help you to narrow your search results to find the specific products you are looking for.

1. Click the down arrow to selet All, System or Part#

2. Selecting All:

Selecting "All" to do a general search. Type in the keyward then click GO.

3. Selecting System:

Selecting "System" to do an OEM specific search. When you select "System", two additional search boxes will populate - "Select OEM" and "Select System". From there you can type in the manufacturer name or system. The site will recognize your characters and help you to choose these keywards.

4. Selecting Part#:

Select "Part#" to do a part number specific search. Click GO for search results.


When your initial search results have populated you will see a list of products and a left hand navigation bar titled "Options". This is a filtering system that will refine your search results based on how much you filter them.

List of selected category:

Displys the selectoed product category based on your filtered selections. Click "x" to remove category.

List of category:

Displays a list of products by category. Check the desired category to filter the search results

List Compatible OEM/Systems:

Displays a list of the compatible OEM's for the specific category.


Displays a list of kits based on the category. Select a kit quantity to filter search results.

Connector Transceivers:

Displays a list of connector options based on the category. Select a connector type to filter search results.

DOM Transceivers:

Displays a list of DOM options based on the category. Select a DOM type to filter search results.

There are additional filtering features that will populate based on the product you are searching for. Apply this same discipline to each of the filtering categories to narrow your search until you are satisfied with the search results.